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No, you can browse all our contests for free any time.

We offer competition promoters the chance to upgrade their listings. Their contests show up more frequently in the search, and we earn the funds we need to keep the website up and running. We may also on occasion earn a commission if you purchase something through an affiliate link on our site.

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Our ultimate aim is to only list competitions with a RMG licence. However, we cannot guarantee the behaviour of other sites, so we strongly recommend checking out the individual competition’s terms and conditions before you pay to enter.

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Our site is free to use. Individual contests might charge an entry fee. We list a mix of free and paid contests so there’s something for every budget.

No, you can browse all our contests for free any time.

We want to bring you the best in online competitions with a real chance to win real prizes. We aim to only list reputable contests with a RMG licence, but we do recommend always checking out each competition and their terms and conditions before entering.

We like to list competitions where everyone has an equally fair chance to win. But of course the more contests you enter the better your chances of winning. So why not get started and enter all your favourites today!

There is a good mix of prizes listed on our site from all sorts of competition promoters. From lottery wins to luxury cars to home renovations and prizes for your pets, and much much more, there’s something for everyone.

Any competition promoter can list their online competition on our site, many have great prizes, most importantly! And we’re also firm about finding legit contests both free and paid opportunities but do check them out before entering.

You can search by category on our site to find the best competitions that you’re most excited to enter.

 Some competitions cost, and some are free. You can search our site for free, paid, or both.

We love online competitions and we know you do too! But trawling the internet for contests takes time, so we started OneStopWin. We try to find the best competitions, so you don’t have to.

While we aim to only list RMG licensed competitions from promoters that are data safety compliant, we can’t guarantee the practices of any contests. We recommend always checking the terms and conditions before handing over your details.

Each competition site will have their own set of terms and conditions. We recommend that you check them out first before entering.