Omaze Win a House Competitions

Ever wanted to win a luxury car or holiday while making a change in the world by contributing to charities? If that does not sound appealing, how about a £1 million or £3 million houses? Well, you can make your dream come true by winning all these items and more on the Omaze win a house competitions. 

It’s the dream of many people to wake up and find they have won fabulous prizes such as multi-million mansions, luxury cars, holidays and more. But many people shy away from online contests and giveaways because they believe these sweepstakes are fake and scam.

Well, the Omaze win a house contest is different. Not only do the Omaze win a house quiz and draws offer players a chance to win celebrity experiences, holidays, luxury cars and houses. But a portion of the proceeds go to charities such as Save the Children, Make A Wish, British Heart Foundation and many more.

However, many people still have questions. Do you actually win a house with Omaze? Do you really win a house with Omaze? If you win a house with Omaze, can you sell it? Where do Omaze houses come from? Who wins Omaze houses? Where is Omaze house?

Well, in this review, we discuss what Omaze is, how it works, and answer the questions above and more.

What is Omaze?

Omaze is an online fundraising platform with a vision and mission of helping charities reach their fundraising goals. The for-profit company partners with charities in fundraising events so that they can make real changes globally.

Omaze started when Matthew Pohlson and Ryan Cummins came home from a charity fundraising auction. At the auction, the top bid won courtside tickets worth £12,700. This gave the two friends and soon-to-be co-founders the idea to start Omaze.

Launched in 2012 in the US, Omaze has raised more than £115 million for more than 400 charities globally. In the UK, Omaze partners with some of the most loved charities such as The Prince’s Trust, Teenage Cancer, and the British Heart Foundation. Today, the company launches sweepstakes that offer mortgage-free multi-million properties, luxury cars and others.

How Does Omaze Work?

As aforementioned, Matthew and Ryan came up with the idea of Omaze after they attended a fundraiser where the highest bidder won tickets. The tickets were to a basketball game with Magic Johnson.

In their opinion, they felt that the event did not raise enough funds because it was relying on funds from the highest bidder. So, they co-founded Omaze, a fundraising platform where more people can participate in raising funds for charities. As such, the more people who participated in the fundraising events, the more money they raised for charities.

According to the official rules of Omaze win a house draw, when payment is complete, you’ll receive the number of entries selected. You can enter as many times as you wish. But do not exceed the maximum entry limit as specified by the rules. If participants exceed the entry limit, all excess entries will be ineligible. Also, Omaze will not refund participants for ineligible entries.

Unlike other pay-to-enter prize draws, Omaze campaign ticket sales usually go to charity. In fact, 60% of the money raised goes to charity for celebrity experiences such as premiere trips and dinner dates. If you choose other prizes such as cars and holidays, 15% usually goes to charity.

The fundraising platform takes 12% to 20% of the donations while the remainder goes to sourcing the prizes, marketing fees and other costs. At the time of writing, fundraisers can win the Omaze 3 million house, luxury cars, holidays, and much more.

In the Omaze win a dream house contest, you can enter the Cornwall House Draw and win a fully furnished four-bedroom home on the Cornish coast. The Omaze win a house in Cornwall is worth £3 million. In addition, there is no stamp duty, no mortgage or conveyancing to pay. Just win the house, move in and enjoy the view forever.

To help you get started, win a house contest will throw in £50,000. The Omaze win a home raffle is offering this stunning coastal house in Cornwall to one winner.

Who Has Won an Omaze House?

Darren Wordon won the £2.5m house in Cotswolds. In the Omaze win a house Cotswolds draw, Darren and his wife Mandy won the seven-bedroom mansion after buying a £25 ticket. The IT consultant, who previously lived in a 3 bedroom home with his family in Bath, entered the Omaze win a Cotswold house raffle after watching an ad on TV.

The Omaze win a house draw was to help raise funds for the Prince’s Trust charity. Darren purchased the Omaze win a house giveaway ticket but never expected to win the seven-bedroom property. Cotswold is famous for being home to celebrities who divide their time between London and the countryside.

Their new Omaze win a million-pound house that sits on 2.3 acres of land also has a two-bedroom detached cottage. The cottage boasts of an open-plan kitchen, a study overlooking the countryside and a wood burner in the living room.

Has anyone won a house with Omaze? Darren Wordon is not the only person to win a house with Omaze. Becca Pott entered the Omaze win a house in Ascot and won. She bought her ticket for the Omaze 1 million pound house draw after spending £10. Becca Pott, who was on maternity leave, won the Omaze win a house UK draw and got rewarded with a five-bedroom house in Ascot.

At the time of buying the ticket to the Omaze win a house jackpot, the couple were living in their two-bedroom flat in East London. Their new house which is close to the Ascot Racecourse is incredible. The house is a white stucco property with stunning views overlooking a private garden. 

It has a pillared entrance that leads visitors into a spacious hall complete with a lift and fireplace. The house also boasts high coffered ceilings, five bedrooms, four luxury bathrooms, a night kitchen and much more.

How to Enter an Omaze Draw?

 If you want to enter an Omaze draw and support various charities, head to the Omaze Experiences webpage. Under the Current Campaigns tab, Omaze will list the latest support causes and the prizes to win.

At the time of writing, there were 13 campaigns with prizes ranging from winning a 2022 McLaren GT to a dream holiday in the Maldives. To enter the draw, choose a campaign. Check the rules of the campaign plus the list of excluded countries.

As you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find the number of donors supporting that cause, information on the prize and when the draw will close. As you scroll further down, the webpage will have information on the charity you’ll be supporting.

Next is the number of entries and how much you can donate. Click the “Buy Now” button then complete the checkout. Don’t forget to read the terms of Omaze win a house in London, Omaze win a house Northampton, Omaze win a house in Wimbledon and other contests.

Do Omaze Houses Get Won?

As aforementioned, there have been two Omaze house winners UK. You too have a chance to win a house. If you want to win a multi million pound mansion, luxury car, holiday and other prizes, head to the Omaze Cornwall webpage then click “Enter Now.” 

Proceed by selecting one of the following choices:

  • 320 entries for £150
  • 85 entries for £50
  • 40 entries for £25
  • 10 entries for £15

Click “Buy Now” then complete the checkout process. You can also choose to enter in Omaze Prize draws via postal entry. There is no purchase necessary if you select this method. 

Omaze appointed Civica Election Services to collect all its postal entries. There is no limit to the number of entries via this method. However, there is a maximum of one entry per postcard or envelope received.

Besides winning the Omaze house in Cornwall you stand a chance of winning Early Bird prizes. So, the more entries you submit, the more chances of winning.

What Are the Odds of Winning Omaze House UK?

The official rule from Omaze about the odds of winning is: “The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries during the entry period.” Let’s assume everyone maxes out entries by donating £500. Omaze has £100,000 prizes for grabs. If five contestants enter the draw, they all have an equal chance of winning.

This is because Omaze win a Lake District house raffle uses a cryptographic secure random number generator to draw winners. So, what are the odds of winning the Omaze house? If people enter the win a house Devon draw, the probability of winning is 20% because the odds are 1 to 4.

If 50 people were to enter the Omaze win a house voucher contest, the odds are 1 to 49. This means the probability of each content winning is 2%. If 5,000 people entered the win a house Wimbledon draw, the odds are 1 to 4,999. So, the odds of winning are 0.2%.

To know the odds of winning Omaze win a house London, you have to find out the number of people who enter the contest. Sadly, Omaze does not release these figures. So, if the Omaze win a house Knightsbridge contest has an A-list celebrity or house as a prize, your odds could be a million to one.

If the prize is cash or cars, your odds of winning will be slightly better. In fact, they could be about 500,000 to one. For Omaze win a house in Devon contests, especially those including holidays, your odds could be as good as 2000 to one.

When Will Omaze Draw Take Place?

So, you’ve entered the Omaze win a house in Lake District or Omaze win a house France to help raise money for charities. Well, you now have the chance to win great prizes from houses, cars, holidays and even cash. But how do you know when is Omaze house draw?

You can always find out when Omaze will hold the draw in the Experience Rules for each Omaze contest. On the date listed on the page, sign in to your Omaze account and find your entry code. 

When you buy entries to Omaze contests, the site usually assigns that purchase with an entry code automatically. The entry code is a 13-digit unique number that links to your purchase. For example, if you purchase 15 entries for £10, Omaze will log your entry code 15 times. This increases your chances of being drawn for a prize.

Now, check your code against the Winning Entry Code on the Omaze Winners Page. If you won a prize, Omaze will contact you via phone or email. They usually send an email to the winner at 5 PM on the prize winner announcement date listed on its Experience Rules.

If you’re the Grand Prize winner, Omaze will come knocking at your door.

Where Do Omaze Get Their Houses From?

Omaze lets people win luxury cars, holidays, multi-million-pound houses and more prizes. If you’re considering entering one of its contests, you may be wondering if Omaze win a house fake. Well, the company organizes online contests and offers lucky winners mansions, cars and other prizes. However, it does not hold the contests for free.

Omaze earns a percentage of the money raised during the sweepstakes. For instance, if you enter the Win A House in Cornwall contest, Omaze will donate 80% of the proceeds to Blood Cancer UK. Then the remaining 20% will go to Omaze.

Back in 2012, the company raised a seed round of £1 million from angel investors. These funds allowed them to up the prizes for their contests. Omaze were later rewarded with another round of funding amounting to £9 million. At this point, the company had already awarded over 150 prizes and raised money for more than 100 charities.

In early 2018, Omaze launched an Aston Martin giveaway with the added benefit of meeting James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. The goal for Omaze was to raise £500,000 while giving away the £250,000 Aston Martin. However, they raised more than £1.9 million. This gave the co-founders confidence to double up their prizes.

Since they net between 12% to 20% per campaign, they use some of the funds for purchasing prizes such as houses, cars, holidays and more. The company also uses the income to pay its staff, promote new campaigns and cover other expenses.

If You Win a House on Omaze Can You Sell It?

If you win Omaze win a house Devon or Omaze win a house London, you will own the house fully. This means you can live in the house and make it a beautiful home for you and your family. Alternatively, you can choose to rent it out as a vacation home. By renting the home, you earn a passive income for life.

You also have the option of selling the home and walking away a millionaire. The house usually comes fully furnished with all the appliances and electronics included. In addition, Omaze provides an additional reward to help the winner settle in. They also cover stamp duty and legal fees to complete the transfer of the house to the winner.

Does the Omaze House Exist?

At the time of writing, more than 3 people had already won. Darren Wordon won the £2.5 million Omaze Cotswolds home, while Becca Pott won the £3.5 million mansion in Ascot. Each winner received £20,000 to £50,000 to help them settle in.

So, the Omaze houses do exist. They are legit, and the fundraising platform gives part of the money to charity. To ensure its contests are legit, the company gets regulated. Also, if the charities were not receiving money from Omaze, they would not continue their partnership.

Is Omaze Worth It? Final Words

At Omaze, the company offers people the chance to make a difference by donating money to various charities. To encourage people to donate more money to charity, Omaze runs contests where you stand to win life-changing prizes. Such prizes include luxury cars, multi-million mansions, cash and others.

Since 2021, Omaze has made many dreams come true as they have given away luxury cars, multi-million-pound mansions and more. You too can have your dream come true and make a difference in the world. Simply buy entries on Omaze and stand to win fabulous prizes.

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