Random Number Generator is a free service offered by OneStopWin which allows competition promoters to randomly select competition winners.

Yes, holding a prize draw using our service is compliant with the ASA please see our Advertising Standards Authority compliance page.

As easy as ABC. Only a few simple steps to take in order to conduct a competition draw. It’s free so give it a go on our Live Draw page.

Yes, it’s free also. Sign-up or Log-in.

Yes, why not? It’s a great way to stay compliant by using our independent prize draw service.

Nothing, we offer a free random number generator to perform your own draws.

Nope, draw as many prize competitions and winners as you like!

Responsible Competition Promoters want draws to be seen as independent and unbiased as possible. They also want to keep records of their prize draws for potential future audit requests from the Advertising Standards Authority. Whilst there are other methods of performing a draw available, our free Random Number Generator service guarantees that the results are sufficiently random enough for your purposes consistent with the stated requirements of Rule 8.24 of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) CAP Code.

On completion of every prize draw you are emailed a certificate of compliance and a csv file of the winners. It’s important to keep these files for your records due to potential audits.

OneStopWin.com uses a 256-bit SSL certificate with RSA Encryption ensuring all data is fully encrypted end-to-end. Entrants and prize winners personal data is private and secure.

Once a prize draw is complete the certificate of compliance and winners csv file is emailed to you. You are not able to view details again at a future date. Keep your prize draw emails safe, you may need them in the future.

No, you can remove columns within your csv file that contain personal data prior to uploading them to the Random Number Generator. Alternatively you can just specify a number of entrants to choose a winner from.

1) Name of draw 2) Name of your organisation 3) List of entries (csv), or just the total number of entries 4) Prize available 5) Perform draw!

Yes! Conduct as many test draws as you like, we recommend it. You need to make sure that the csv file format that you upload is correct.

The first row in your file is usually called the ‘header row’ and may contain descriptions/headings (eg first name, last name, email, phone number) relating to the entries instead of an actual valid entry. We ask you this question so that the prize draw system can ignore this row if necessary and choose a winner or winners from the rows below.

Yes, if you do not want to hold a draw yourself then OneStopWin can hold an independent live draw from our studio on your behalf. Coming late 2022.