Our free Random Number Generator is a cloud based independent third party service used by competition promoters to hold prize draws for chance based competitions. Why pay for another random number generator service when you can use our service totally fee? 

It’s important that your prizes are awarded in accordance with the laws of chance, consistent with the legal requirements from the Advertising Standards Authority. You can then feel confident that your competition draws are going to be independent, unbiased and can be trusted by all.

Immediately after every live competition draw you will receive a pdf certificate of compliance by email to keep as proof should there be a review by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  

To add further credibility to your competition draw, you are able to video or screen share the whole thing live to your audience. Holding a competition draw is fast and easy, involving only a few simple steps. You can generate your winners immediately and view the results, just try it out! 

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We understand the importance of security and privacy when dealing with sensitive data. Our secure servers use the latest security technology to keep all data safe and secure.


Our free Random Number Generator will give you totally random results every time as required by the UK Advertising Standards Authority CAP code. Important for a good competition promoter!


By using our totally independent third party free random draw generator, you and your competition entrants can feel safe that this process is fair, reliable and trustworthy.

Complies with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) CAP Code.

More information on how to stay compliant can be found on our ASA Compliance page.