OneStopWin is Free for UK Competition Sites

Competition sites have a few features available in order to use the OneStopWin platform and drive more traffic to your site. 100% of our site visitors and members are your target audience.

1 - Competition Profile (free)

When registering use an email address from the same domain as your comp site. Complete the short user profile as your business (not you personally). Upload your logo and cover image (just like Facebook). Important: remember to choose ‘competition’ as your profile type, as this opens a short business details section where you can place your website and social media links.

Through your competition profile you can post your prizes, winners pics and messages just like you do on other social media channels. These get fed automatically into the live feed for all users to see and followers to get notified. POSTING TIP: To increase visibility post to a Group as this will show in 3 separate places, your profile timeline, the group timeline and the live feed. 

2 - Competition Listing (free)

Competitions are listed in the online competitions directory. First check to see if you are listed already. If you are please claim it. If not then create a new listing

3 - Posting Service (optional upgrade)

Too busy? Let us help you out and do your posting for you. We’ll monitor your competition social media pages and duplicate your posts to your OneStopWin profile and any relevant competition groups. We’ll also post a selection of your prizes and winners posts to our own social media accounts. You’ll still be able to login, comment, reply to messages or do any last minute posting yourself anytime. 

Competition Profile

Manage your profile.
FREE always & forever
  • Post your prizes
  • Post winners pics
  • All posts fed to live feed
  • Posting is just like other SM channels
  • Users & followers get post notifications
  • We repost to our SM channels
  • Gain followers
  • Interact with users
  • Competition description
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social pages
  • Edit your profile anytime
  • Stream draws to the live feed
  • Random number generator

Competition Listing

Manage your listing.
FREE always & forever
  • Competition description
  • Up to 5 comp categories
  • Up to 5 comp tags
  • Add up to 10 images
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social pages
  • Reply to Reviews
  • Edit your listing anytime
  • Embeddable reviews widget

Posting Service

Fully managed service.
£ 195
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • YouTube Monitoring
  • Posting prizes to your profile
  • Posting winners to your profile
  • Member interaction
  • Follower growth
  • Cancel anytime